HBC Stories: Church Picnic

A rainy October morning turned into the most beautiful afternoon, perfect for a picnic (Heritage style of course)! Volunteers arrived early to prepare for the fun filled afternoon. As cars started arriving, the feast of hot dogs and hamburgers came off of the grill and the tables were lined with condiments, chips, & pasta salads.

After perusing the brownie table it was time for the festivities! Leisure games of horse shoe and corn hole were played on the lake-front that over looked the teens being thrown off inner tubes being pulled by Mr. McGuire's boat. 

As the line for boat rides lengthened, the sand volleyball court filled with dedicated players. Intense games of volleyball and football took place side by side for spectators to watch and cheer on. 

The little kids swam along the beach-front while the big kids played “King of the Island” atop the giant floating tube in the middle of the lake. Who would be the last one standing? Onlookers laughed as kids slid, pushed, and wrestled each other off the tube (Let me assure you…no major injuries occurred at the HBC picnic).

The deck was also filled with friends and new faces to meet and chat with while basking in the warm sun. Everywhere you looked people were enjoying the company of each other and soaking up God’s beautiful creation on this breezy October day.

The picnic came to a close as wet kids, sweaty teens, and sunburned moms ran through the early evening rain shower to their cars.  Tables were wiped, floors were swept, and left overs were divvied up. The countdown for Heritage Picnic 2016 could now begin!  

Micah Van Camp