HBC Stories: Andy & Jan Lafreniere

If you walk through the doors of Heritage any given Sunday, chances are you may be greeted by a friendly couple who obviously hail from New England by the way they don’t pronounce their “R’s.” Andy and Jan Lafreniere have been an active part of the Heritage Church family for many years after moving down to retire in Florida from New Hampshire. Recently, I had the opportunity to get to known Jan more at the Wednesday Night Ladies Bible Study on Ephesians. This is a great time to build relationships with people of all ages, walks of life, and experiences.

Check out the short interview below and get to know the Lafreniere’s next time you see them in the lobby!

How did you originally arrive at HBC? What made you stay?

A neighbor who was a Christian offered to take us to church. We stayed because of the friendliness of the pastor who encouraged us to get involved with others who were also new at the time.

Are you involved in a Community Group? How has gospel formed community been a blessing in your life?

Yes. We attend Vince Lucido’s Fellowship group on Sunday mornings. It has been a blessing because it has drawn us closer to God’s people and helped us learn more about our Lord.

How has God used the ministry of HBC to grow you in your walk with the Lord?

First of all, we wouldn’t have grown at all if we would have stayed home! Pastor Bill’s teaching has been primary, as well as the books he recommends. The community group leaders we’ve had over the years and the people we have met and prayed for have been huge. The Missionary Conference has also given us insight into the way the Lord works in the lives of special people around the globe.

How are you involved in serving at HBC?

We actively participate in our Community Group, greet people at the front doors before services, and are part of the planning team for Missions Focus. We also like to bring a dish for a funeral or a family who recently had a baby.

What is one fun fact people at HBC might not know about the Lafreniere’s?

When we lived in New Hampshire we owned snowmobiles and liked riding in the winter. I (Jan) like riding motorcycles. Andy once rode his ten speed bike to work for a year just to prove you didn’t need a car!