A Break for Moms

A year ago Pastor Dave approached me about starting a momʼs group at Heritage. My thought process immediately after hearing his request was, “It’s about time!”

Let’s rewind a little bit.

My name is Megan Lowry. My husband Wes and I have been attending Heritage since May 2011. We have four children, Emerson 6, Adelyn 4, Cooper 3, and Oliver 1. Prior to having children, I was an elementary teacher here in Polk County. After having Emmy we decided God was calling me to stay home with her, so that’s what I did. I’ve been a stay at home mom for a little over 6 years, and through those 6 years I have grown in many different ways.

I specifically remember shortly after Emmy was born feeling lonely. Wes owns an advertising agency, and at the time he was also running an indoor baseball hitting facility to make ends meet. I was home alone a lot with a baby that did not talk to me, so there were many days when the only words I would hear were my own thoughts. Sometimes great thoughts, but many times thoughts of doubt, frustration, anxiety, worry, and most of all fear. A first time mom has many things going through her mind on any given day.

And I don’t think I’m alone in this! Though our family was part of the “first wave,” Heritage continues to experience a baby boom. All of our young married couples have started having babies at the same time, and over the past few years, we have been experiencing 20-25 babies dedicated at the yearly baby dedications. The nursery building has also had to be revamped to keep up with such growth.

There are so many reasons why Heritage needed to start a momʼs ministry back up-- one of which is that all of those babies have mamas! All of those mamas need to be fed the Word of God on a regular basis. All of those exhausted, overwhelmed mamas need to know they aren’t alone. Isn’t that what community is all about?

So there we were, Dave standing in front of me asking me about starting a momʼs ministry at Heritage. As I am typing this I am thinking about how much work God did to prepare me to say “yes”. At the time I had a 2 month old and three other kids under 5. But when he asked me all I could do was be energized at the thought. Excited at what a huge blessing this ministry could be for many young moms at Heritage. A ministry that can encourage, strengthen, and sustain a new mother on the brink of insanity. A ministry that can allow young women to see their potential in what God is calling them to do whether in their childrenʼs lives, with their husband, or in their home. A ministry that helps the “dream of motherhood” seem more attainable when conversing with someone in the thick of the same exact thing. That’s Morning Break.

We are now in our second semester of the newly reconstructed Morning Break. God knew that I couldn’t plan this all on my own. In September of last year, when all the plans were just in my head, I slowly started to talk to friends about this exciting venture. Within about two months I had a group of ten women working alongside me. All doing their own thing to help the ministry run more smoothly. I feel so fortunate to have such great friends to feel committed to the goal of helping each other as moms, as friends, as sisters in Christ. This semester we have lost some of our original leadership team, but gained others. The Lord just seems to bring the right people  every time. We also have a great group of what we call “mentor moms” that come to the meetings to encourage, guide, and pray for us as Titus 2 instructs. I love how this allows the ministry to come full circle.

The community that is established at Morning Break is described in one word - genuine. The group is building each other up. Through Bible study, practical topical speakers, investing in the lives of others through our missional park play-dates, and mom nights out. I have found that the only way to do motherhood well is with others. Others that are like minded, love Jesus Christ, and strive to teach their children to follow the Creator God. This is why we do Morning Break, this is who we are.

Do you see yourself in my story? Do you need some friendship, some encouragement, some guidance? Reach out to us, you won’t regret it.

Proverbs 31:26-31

She opens her mouth with wisdom,

and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

She looks well to the ways of her household

and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Her children rise up and call her blessed; her

husband also, and he praises her:

“Many women have done excellently, but you

surpass them all.”

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a

woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her

works praise her in the gates.


Megan Lowry