Tools of the Trade

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When you are married to an architect who likes to work on home projects and your house is almost 100 years old, at any given moment, your house is a real life “fixer upper.” My kitchen floor, dining room and living room are currently filled with building supplies, hammers, nails, putty, tile cutters, and hand drills.

As I sat listening to Pastor Bill’s sermon last week on Acts 20, one verse in particular seemed to jump off the pages of the Bible. Paul is bidding farewell to his dear partners in ministry at Ephesus and he is faced with reality that in all likelihood, he will never see his friends again. What hope and encouragement does he leave them with?

And now I commend you to God and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and give you the inheritance among the saints who are sanctified.” (Acts 20:32).

With all the construction going on in our home at the moment, the phrase that caught my eye was “which is able to build you up.” If my husband were to leave exposed drywall, unfinished piping, and visible wires everywhere, then proceed to proclaim the project “Finished!” I would question his sanity.

Yet, in our lives as Christians, often times we resemble this dysfunctional picture. We come to saving faith in Christ by the gracious calling of God in our lives, yet we dabble in the means of grace God has given for our sanctification. The specific means Paul identifies in Acts 20 are “God and the word of his grace.” Habitual neglect of the word of his grace leads to weak, powerless Christians who are far from being “built up” in the faith.

Without a doubt, life is busy. Each component of our lives asks for our time; work, family, church, school, leisure.  However, walking with Christ is not a time slot in our day. It is a heart disposition and desire that drives how and where we spend all the time we are given. Cultivating a taste for the Bible and the things of God involves a work of the Spirit in our hearts, prayer, and time spent in God’s word.

Oftentimes it is helpful to have “tools” which assist us in studying the Bible. The HBC pastors have compiled a collection of recommended resources for daily use.  Check out HBC Facebook and Instagram every day for the next week as we highlight these resources!