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Stewardship for the Next Generation


As servants of Christ, our aim is to practice good stewardship with the ministry opportunities and resources God has entrusted to us. The growth of our church body presents us with a responsibility to prepare for our future needs. In the last decade, our Kids' Ministry (ages 0-11) has grown from an average of 40 weekly participants in 2010 to a current average of 155 weekly participants. To accommodate this growth, we renovated the preschool and nursery buildings between 2010-2015. We have maxed out our current facility capacity in our elementary ministry and the Continue the Heritage Campaign helps to prepare for our future.


Continue the Heritage is a stewardship campaign for the next generation. The campaign has three features: (1) paying off the final bank note on the Family Life Center, (2) breaking ground on a renovation of the existing Fellowship Hall for our kids' ministry needs, and (3) establishing a fund for ongoing ministry enhancements.  The blueprint for our new Kids' Ministry Center serving grade K-5 includes: two large-group meeting spaces - the first for Kindergarten-2nd Grade and the second for Grades 3-5; nine small-group meeting rooms - these will facilitate grade-specific learning environments; a centralized check-in that allows for higher security standards and friendlier user interface for parents; dedicated restrooms for both boys and girls; and a new covered walkway and breezeway area.


After pausing the projected launch during the height of the pandemic, our Continue the Heritage Campaign officially kicks off in the Spring of 2021! You will begin to hear more and more about the Why, the What, the How, and the When behind this campaign throughout April and May. In addition, members will be given opportunities to have questions answered by members of our pastoral staff and leadership team in community groups and one-on-one settings.


The Continue the Heritage Campaign is ultimately dependent on the Lord’s provision through the sacrificial giving of the Lord’s people. We ask that you and your family start praying now about how He would use you to Continue the Heritage.