Biblical Counseling

Christ meets us in our deepest need...

The essence of Biblical Counseling is to help people apply the Word of God to their lives that they might experience change and have hope even in the most difficult situations.  Individuals will learn that Christ is more than sufficient, the Holy Spirit is their teacher and that God has equipped them in every way possible to live in a God-honoring way. Our counselors are certified with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and excited to come alongside their fellow believers and grow together in Christ.  



Jane Van Camp


Sarah Puebla

Frequently Asked Questions

Our counseling is offered free of charge to members of Heritage Baptist Church.  If you are not a member of our church, we are happy to try and accommodate you and schedule you based on counselor availability. 

Counseling sessions are scheduled privately, and prospective clients should email/call the counselor to set up a mutually agreeable time to meet.  Counseling sessions are available on-campus and through FaceTime/Skype if necessary.

Because change takes place through applying the Word of God to our lives, each week there are assignments given so the individual can experience change outside of the weekly counseling sessions.



"Even though I was a dedicated follower of Christ, there were still relationships and concerns in my life that frequently overwhelmed me. Biblical Counseling allowed me the opportunity to identify Scriptural truths that when applied to my life resulted in true change of heart and mind.”


"God saved me when I was seven years old. I walked with God, grew up, got married had children and struggled to get through the day as a new mom.  I found myself questioning God, myself, my salvation, my marriage. Anger, anxiety and fear consumed me.  A biblical counselor walked with me through the new season of motherhood (every week!) and helped me see and remember the Gospel through uncertain circumstances. I needed help trusting God and applying God's word to my everyday life and biblical counseling pointed me to Jesus…I will be forever grateful and look forward to restored relationships with God and others.  I am learning to daily trust in God's overwhelming love and mercy demonstrated at the cross and live by the power of the Spirit. Thankfully, anger and anxiety do not rule my life anymore...”

"I always (thought) I had to take care of things by myself. But now I walk in truth, knowing I am nothing without God beside me. I have grown in a greater understanding of who God is…. (and) continue to wash my mind with truth…I no longer feel stuck…"