Community Groups

Off-Campus Community Groups

Comprised of men and women from all generations of life, these groups meet in homes across Lakeland throughout the week for care, prayer, accountability, fellowship, and studying God’s Word. Off-campus groups typically provide their own childcare and often gather around a meal. No two groups are exactly the same, and we don’t expect them to be!

Airport South 1 CG
  • 4:30pm 2nd & 4th Sunday
  • 5809 Spring Lake Drive, Lakeland FL 33811
  • Leaders: Alan & Donna Green and Matt & Michelle Lucas
Airport South 2 CG
  • 4:30pm 2nd & 4th Sunday
  • 3454 Oakview Dr, Lakeland FL 33811
  • Leaders: Steve & Debbie Minter and Wes & Megan Lowry
Edgewood CG
  • 5:30pm 2nd & 4th Sundays
  • 2816 Fairmount Ave. Lakeland FL
  • Leaders: Derek & Sam Hartman and Joe & Jess Hatch
The Heights CG
  • 4:30pm 2nd & 4th Sunday
  • Weekly Rotation within Cleveland Heights & Lakeland Highlands
  • Leaders: James & Kelsey Ledford and Miles & Tara Strickland
Mike & Mike CG
  • 6:30pm Wednesday Night
  • Heritage Family Life Center (FLC) -- The Studio
  • Leaders: Mike Green & Mike Angotti
Scott Lake CG
  • 5:00pm 2nd & 4th Sunday
  • 5212 Sligh Road, Lakeland FL 33813
  • Leaders: Dave & Jane Van Camp and Jose & Melissa Cano

On-Campus Community Groups

These groups meet on campus during the 9am Sunday morning hour. Currently, these groups are primarily life-stage driven, and we offer children’s ministries during this hour to maximize adult fellowship, encouragement, and hearing of the Word.

  • Age Range: 20s-30s
  • Leaders: Dave & Jane Van Camp
Life Together
  • Age Range: 30s-40s
  • Leaders: Geoff & Abigail Stabler
Salt & Light
  • Age Range: 50s-60s
  • Leaders: Dan Green & Jeff Nilius
New Horizons
  • Age Range: 60+
  • Leaders: Dan & J.O. Purcell
The Journey
  • Age Range: All
  • Leader: Keith Overholt

Want to join a group?

Find out how you can get connected in a Community Group here.