Serving Opportunities

Gospel-Centered Teaching

We have plenty of opportunities for those who like to teach! We teach the truth of Scripture across all ages. Whether you like to teach children, middle school, high school, or adults, we have a spot for you. Contact the pastoral staff to inquire about teaching opportunities.

Gospel-Formed Community

There are community opportunities all over our body! The phrase “it takes a village” comes to mind. Whether you are gifted in technology, music, hospitality, sports ministry, mercy, or any number of things, we have a spot for you!

In addition to our community groups, our people are constantly ministering to one another through ministries such as widow's walk, a group of widows led by Jean Weaver who gather monthly for encouragement and community. To learn more about widow's walk, please contact Jean Weaver.

HBC ladies also host a monthly get together called Ladies' Luncheon that features a special speaker, demonstration of interest, and great food! Ladies from all over Lakeland invite their friends, and at each meeting, the gospel is shared. For more information about Ladies' Luncheon, contact Connie Overholt.

Current needs:

 Greeters Contact Pastor Dave

Audio/Tech contact Pastor Joel

Sports Ministry volunteers contact Pastor Bill

Children’s Ministry volunteers contact Pastor Dave

Student Ministry volunteers contact Pastor Joel

Gospel-Driven Multiplication

Simply put, multiplication is discipleship. We have opportunities to engage in one-on-one discipleship programs, small group discipleship, evangelism, outreach, and much more. Fill out the form below and indicate what type of multiplication ministry you’d like to be involved in.

Our next round of discipleship kicks off this fall. Contact Pastor Bill to get partnered up!

If you would like to serve please fill out the form below and get started!

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